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Review: A Sleepless Endeavor – ‘Westside Paradise’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: A Sleepless Endeavor – ‘Westside Paradise’

An American pop band lead by musical virtuoso, Ed Anthony, A Sleepless Endeavor has become a leading force in deep melodic anthems that glisten with a sun-kissed, electronic sound. A vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and pianist, A Sleepless Endeavor is built on his diverse range of talents, layering shifting arrangements with an over-arching pop character to create entertaining songs with real heart and soul.

His latest such release, ‘Westside Paradise’ arrived earlier this year and has since gone on to become one of Ed’s most accomplished and acclaimed pieces. Bringing a light, tropical vibe, the song begins with a glistening series of guitar chords that set a steady linger melody, breaking through the silence with a unique textured sound. With the stage set, Ed builds his sound intermittent flourishes of quick-fire beats, sweeping dance vibes, and his own smooth, calling vocals.

There’s a fine balance between his simmering, atmospheric verse and the more vibrant and energetic choruses, creating an entrancing and rhythmic sound that blends multiple styles and sounds into one cohesive vision.

Seamlessly made and polished to a near-perfect sheen, ‘Westside Paradise’ is an impressive new single by any measure. Every element plays its part, adding to the lavish, balanced melody that lingers on your palette long after the song fades from view. A glossy dedication to the easy, dream-like life that is waiting on the West Coast, ‘Westside Paradise’ is both an impressive introduction to Ed’s breezy, rhythmic sound and the sunny, slow-paced lifestyle waiting for you on the Westside.

Available to stream alongside its official music video, you can hear ‘Westside Paradise’ above, or find it today on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also find a treasure trove of previously released from A Sleepless Endeavor on his YouTube channel.

Score: 8/10

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