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Review: Aaron James – ‘Change In Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Aaron James – ‘Change In Me’

An accomplished musician who has been involved in a growing plethora of projects over the years, Aaron James has announced himself as one of Sydney’s most versatile and promising indie talents. After first cutting his teeth as part of punk-rock band Short Notice, Aaron expanded his reach in pop-rock outfit Paper Wolves, playing on National TV, touring New South Wales, and supporting established groups such as Thirsty Merc and Smash Mouth.

With a repertoire that most artists would be jealous of, Aaron took the bold step of recording his own solo EP in 2015, with ‘Reflections emerging as a landmark and wonderfully popular release. As the dust settled on the EP, Aaron took the time to reflect on his sound and style, focusing on his own personal growth and bringing a more mature sound to his songwriting.

The first glimpse of this growth, ‘Change In Me’ has arrived as a moody, acoustic-driven song that has already earned acclaim from fans and critics alike. Poignant and self-reflective, ‘Change In Me’ cuts an instant emotive path with Aaron looking back to his glory days and how things have changed. Acoustic guitar chords swirl over minimalist percussion, creating a smooth and beautifully tactile atmosphere from Aaron’s tender vocals shine.

Continuously moving and with a depth that stretches well beyond the song’s two-minute run, ‘Change In Me’ is perhaps one of the most disarming and impressive singles of the year. It’s a track that lingers gently on the palette, creating a lasting impression that few hearts will be able to shake.

A true and honest showcase of his talents, ‘Change In Me’ is the culmination of his musical journey so far, combining a keen ear for melody and arrangements with an emotional maturity that goes well beyond his years. A glorious showing of things to come, the ‘Change In Me’ is a perfect introduction to the new age of Aaron James.

You can stream the single now alongside its official music video above, or find it now on Spotify by clicking here.

Score: 8.5/10

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