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Review: Aaron James – ‘Feel Good’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Aaron James – ‘Feel Good’

An indie-pop artist from Australia’s Central Coast, Aaron James first came to our attention with the release of ‘Change In Me’, a glorious showing of things to come and a perfect introduction to Aaron’s new sound. Now, Aaron is back on our radar and expanding upon the precedent that ‘Change In Me’ set, delivering another dream-pop cut in ‘Feel Good’.

Influenced by the likes of Ziggy Alberts, Passenger, James TW, and Coldplay, Aaron’s latest single is an emotive ode to the trial and tribulations we all face, as well as an acoustic call to arms. In his own words, ‘Feel Good’ was written “as an opportunity to awaken in one’s self”, offering us all a chance to tear down and overcome the barriers that we face. Driven by a warm, acoustic melody, the new single takes a stand and pushes us all to become something more.

Something of a melodically charged rebellion, ‘Feel Good’ arrives on a rising acoustic melody, patched together from soft rolling chords and Aaron’s ever-impressive vocals. With a gentle echo and building sense of atmosphere, the single carves its own wandering path, easing any stresses or strains with a growing sense of wonder. Stripped back and free from needless distractions, ‘Feel Good’ shines with an unmistakable human touch, pushing an emotional connection between Aaron and his audience through the soft, indie aesthetic and his carefully cultivated lyrics. Filled with sharp evocative imagery, Aaron draws connections between nature and our own inner harmony, adding emphasis to the organic and rustic beauty of the piece.

While Aaron’s songwriting is undoubtedly on top form, it’s the safe, traditional style and sound of ‘Feel Good’ that really lets it hits its mark. Wonderfully familiar from the very start, ‘Feel Good’ slips away into the wider indie-pop world, finding a comfortable folk-infused sound that we can all find solace and security in. Emotionally charged and definitely worthy of your time, ‘Feel Good’ is another charming, proficient, and radio-friendly introduction to Aaron as both a songwriter and performer.

Score: 8/10

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