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Review: Absolute Doubt x Lucki – ‘Nightmares Become Dreams’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Absolute Doubt x Lucki – ‘Nightmares Become Dreams’

An enigmatic new artist who has taken on the moniker of Absolute Doubt, John Francis is a rapper with a penchant for heavy beats and hard-hitting freestyles. A collaborative artist, his work is often a combination of talents, bringing in other artists and producers to make his musical dreams to fruition. On his latest release, the collaborative element comes from the likes of an equally unique artist, the great Lucki. Together, the duo has put pen to paper and tracks to tape to create the new two-track release, ‘Nightmares Become Dreams’.

Opening with the title track, the new mixtape is born from a delicate wave of cascading synth tones, steadily forming into a unique melody that takes hold with an almost serene sense of calm. The vocals kick in with a lethargic, almost mumble rap sound, pushing the downbeat tone of the track further and adding to the overall textured sound. It’s an interesting technique, one where you’re practically forced to pay close attention to every note so that you can really appreciate the subtle rhythm that’s at work. Far from rapid-fire anthemics or cliched boasts, the title track is a world apart from what you might have expected.

The second and final track to the release, ‘Invitation’ rallies around a darker, more atmospheric tone, bringing in familiar strands of sound from its predecessor, but with a far more lavish and calculated feel. It’s hip-hop ambience done with a flourish, and it’s hard not to be entranced by it.

A surprising release, everything about ‘Nightmares Become Dreams’ seems purpose-built to drive forward and present the artists' character and individuality. The release is so far from the mainstream that it carves its own unique path that while initially hard to follow, is a rewarding journey overall.

Score: 7/10

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