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Review: Ädept – ‘Nothin’ Near’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ädept – ‘Nothin’ Near’

A talented producer from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ädept is someone who truly lives up to their name. With a new album just on the horizon, Ädept is celebrating the latest chapter in their expansive career, building on previous successes to create a refreshing electro-pop sound that flows with dynamic hip-hop elements. With the full album due for release in December of this year, Ädept is proudly celebrating with the release of ‘Nothin’ Near’, a memorable single the builds anticipation like nothing else.

A constantly evolving piece, ‘Nothin’ Near’ is a unique piece built on vibrant, kaleidoscopic flourishes and constantly shifting instrumentals. Buzzing with a stream of light, melodic synths and rapid-fire hi-hats, the single showcases the producer’s talents with perfect clarity. Far from just a rhythmic hodge-podge, there is heart and emotional depth behind the single that rises from Ädept’s use of melancholy backing, combining the elaborately arranged sounds with captivating lyrics and effortlessly emotive vocals.

A contemplative love song, ‘Nothin’ Near’ is a carefully cultivated and wonderfully produced effort, offering elegance, style, and substance in seemingly unlimited quantities.

Blending escalating chord progressions with a lonesome vocal hook and intimate rap, there is a delicate balance within the song that is impossible to ignore. Built to not just impress, but to inspire, everything about ‘Nothin’ Near’ has been carefully anticipated, ensuring that it arrives as a seamless, wonderfully polished, and deeply evocative piece.

Score: 8.5/10

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