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Review: Adibo – ‘Burrito’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Adibo – ‘Burrito’

Every now and then we find a song in our submissions that just takes our breath away. Whether it’s the vocals, the composition, or just the bewildering nature of the track, there’s always that moment of silent stupefaction. In the case of Adibo’s ‘Burrito’, that moment arises firmly in the last of those three categories.

A German comedian making his latest foray into the world of music, Adibo has launched himself into the viral spotlight with his new ‘Burrito Challenge’, a hopeful dance craze centred upon his newly released single, ‘Burrito’. Bringing his connections with the international Tortillas production cartel to the fore, Adibo has apparently become one of the most notorious players on the entertainment scene. It’s a curious backstory, one that offers few answers and gives no real hints as to what is about to unfurl.

A pop song built on vibrant digital tones and some hopefully tongue-in-cheek lyrics, ‘Burrito’ swerves between incessantly catchy pop hooks and bewildering wordplay, making its mark in a comically jovial way. Thankfully short, the song manages to fade into silence before the joke loses its charms and becomes little more than annoyance. Budding to become a new viral sensation, it’s almost impossible not to smirk at the loud suit and dazzling music video, and it definitely fits the song in brilliant fashion.

While the internet might be filled with global hopefuls that are looking to be the next dance craze, largely thanks to the unrelenting success of tracks like ‘Baby Shark’, there is something unique about the development of Adibo’s creation. With enough talent and melody to generate enjoyment, and not just a novelty factor, the track is easily akin to the inescapable sound of 2012, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’. Built for fun and to build his online presence, ‘Burrito’ is a joke with a purpose, and while it might not appeal to everyone, it’ll certainly make its mark.

You can enjoy ‘Burrito’ above via YouTube, as well as on Spotify and iTunes, and if you feel particularly enthused by the track, join in the Burrito Challenge to win yourself some case. To join, make your own video featuring the song and your own funniest dance moves, post it on Instagram and tag Adibo, if your video gets the most likes, you’ll win. See the description in the YouTube video for more details.

Score: 6.5/10

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