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Review: Ahmen – ‘The Eleven’ EP

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Ahmen – ‘The Eleven’ EP

Impactful, intriguing, and innovative, we first met with Ahmen over the release of his critically acclaimed album ‘Timeout’. It was a moment where we came to really understand the passion of the aspiring emcee, non-profit leader, and the ‘Batman of Social Impact’. He’s an artist who looks to unify changemaking initiatives with artistic efforts that galvanize the masses, bringing his calls for social change and positive progress into the hearts of a new generation.

On ‘Timeout’, Ahmen unleashed fifteen tracks of uncompromising passion, energy, and want for much-needed social change, and now with ‘The Eleven’ he’s gone one step further. Taking lead from ‘Timeout’, the new EP burst forth into life with five deft cuts that are simply undeniable.

Opening with ‘Glare’, Ahmen wastes no time in setting the standard, setting fire to the airwaves with a cut that combines classic hip-hop sounds with a subtle psychedelic vibe. ‘Glare’ is a rare anthem that successfully reworks the mould into something fresh, paying tribute to the sounds and styles that made it, while also twisting them into a bona fide modern classic. Full of bravado and untamed confidence, ‘Glare’ is the EP’s fiery battle cry, the song that makes you stand up and listen, and the song that proves Ahmen is the real deal.

Following on from ‘Glare’, Ahmen keeps the same great energy flowing with ‘Define My Path’ and ‘Release’, two equally impressive cuts that roll on with a deeply personal influence. As the names imply, the two songs deal with mounting pressures and a need to escape. They’re powerful, personal tracks that you can’t help but respect.

Bringing the EP to a close, ‘I Got the Might’ and ‘Numerology’ ensure that ‘The Eleven’ is an EP that will go down in the history books. Both tracks erupt with tight waves of honesty, passion, and unwavering determination, mixing an immutable sense of self with some heavy, hip-hop vibes. Everything about the release screams importance, from the lyrics that show Ahmen’s will to speak up and lay down some important truths, to his music that seeks to inspire and capture the hearts of his audience.

It’s so wonderfully obvious in ‘The Eleven’ the Ahmen is on the side of positive change, and you have to commend him for his work. He’s managed to bridge the gap between anthemic hip-hop and altruistic good, and it’s easily made him one of the most important and impressive talents of this and any year.

Buy ‘The Eleven’ on iTunes now, or stream it in full on Spotify here.

Score: 9.5/10

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