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Review: Almost Owen – ‘One Lucky Man’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Almost Owen – ‘One Lucky Man’

An accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer, Almost Owen has made a name for himself by releasing glistening pop anthems like ‘One In A Million’, a breakaway single that has garnered one-hundred thousand streams so far. A musical phenomenon in the making, Almost Owen has recently released his latest Summer stunner, ‘One Lucky Man’, a fresh, vibrant take on the current state of pop.

Toted as a blossoming hit that is “meant to be played with the volume up and the top down”, ‘One Lucky Man’ Almost Owen described his new single as “a playful ode to the friends we spend our best moments with - the ones who also see us at our worst”. Mixed by Jonathan Castelli, the record is designed to be a marriage of pop shine and indie soul, bringing together shades of euphoria, passion, and unapologetic good times.

Opening with a powerful stream of emotive, expressive vocals and subtle, building instrumentals, ‘One Lucky Man’ sets a shimmering, sun-drenched tone from the very beginning. Shining with a heart-warming sincerity and a drive to portray those perfect human moments, Almost Owen finds himself in the middle of an impressive, wonderfully light melody that spreads its warmth with levity and ease.

A rolling, runaway single that grows steadily more complex and brilliant as it progresses, ‘One Lucky Man’ is a pop song that leans heavily on deft, blossoming elements of classic indie and soft, melodic rock, bringing to light that wonderfully human side of the song. Easily accessible and universally relatable, there is a confidence behind the single that makes it so easily impressive, showcasing Almost Owen’s talents in a way that most artists can only dream of.

‘One Lucky Man’ is available now on Spotify and iTunes.

Score: 8.5/10

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