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Review: Almost Owen – ‘We Out Here’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Almost Owen – ‘We Out Here’

An accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer, Almost Owen has made a name for himself by releasing glistening pop anthems like the stunning ‘One Lucky Man’. Charging into the spotlight with a new take on the contemporary pop music, his songs are rapid-fire slices of dazzling pop charm that perfectly soundtrack life’s most poignant moments.

His latest effort, ‘We Out Here’ is a brief, but brilliant track, carving through the darker shades of life to bring us two-minutes of glistening pop hooks and unabashed entertainment. Lyrically, the song pushes through the day-to-day realities of our current generation, capturing modern youth’s struggles with finding their place in the world.

Delivered with a charming pop croon that is filled with authentic and unbridled warmth and confidence, Owen’s laid-back aesthetic and honest delivery capture the heart of the track in brilliant form. Musically, his vocals are backed by layers of hedonistic rhythms and driving pop beats, bringing to life a textured pop track like few others. Cultivating a sharp, well-formed sound, Owen’s new single is a seamless blend of those impossible to ignore pop hooks and deeply human sensibilities, creating an entertaining but damning look at our modern culture of always wanting what we can’t have.

A deft balance between entertaining, engaging and expressive, ‘We Out Here’ has Owen showcasing his talents with a more matured and self-reflective charm, pushing his pop sensibilities to both new heights and emotional depths. A sensational marriage of pop shine and indie soul, ‘We Out Here’ is both an impressive introduction to Owen’s modern pop sound, and essential new listening.

Stream it now via Spotify above, or find it now on iTunes along with Almost Owen’s other sensational hits.

Score: 8/10

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