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Review: Andrew Hetherington – ‘Crystal Nights’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Andrew Hetherington – ‘Crystal Nights’

A free creative spirit from the desolate plains of Skipton, Australia, Andrew Hetherington is a talent steeped in heavy retro vibes. A growing talent with a penchant for downtempo melodies and ‘80s style synthpop, he has been making his mark on the independent scene with a string of EP’s and promises of a full-length release in early 2020. Building momentum and constantly pushing his sound, Andrew has recently taken further inspiration from bands such as ABC, A Flock of Seagulls, and Wham to produce his latest nostalgic single, ‘Crystal Nights’.

An intricate piece with seemingly limitless creative force, ‘Crystal Nights’ arrives as a patchwork of tuned synths, looped drum machine hits, and expansive atmospherics, stitching together a maelstrom of ‘80s elements to create a nuanced blast from the past. In a world constantly looking for something new, it’s refreshing to hear Andrew dive back into the vibrant soundscapes of yesteryear, hitting you with a brave wave of nostalgia that is wonderfully familiar and yet still impressively experimental.

An unyielding cascade of shimmering tones, ‘Crystal Nights’ is at its best when it gives into the vintage feel, pushing forward with a dense electronic sound that few listeners will be able to stand against.

A true and unflinching illustration of his sound, ‘Crystal Nights’ is arguably Andrew’s most innovative and effective release to date. Painting a visceral and vibrant aesthetic, the single is a deceptively complex arrangement of up-tempo beats and enduring melodies, all of which work together perfectly to create a truly mesmerising experience.

Find ‘Crystal Nights’ today on Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Amazon Music.

Score: 8.5/10

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