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Review: Anti+ - ‘L.U.C.I.D’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Anti+ - ‘L.U.C.I.D’

A talented music producer and singer from the UK, Anti+ has a knack for combining genres and making beats with a free creative style and unyielding passion. Primarily a future bass and ambient wave artists, he’s been making his name, building his qualifications, and perfecting his style for years now. Born with a passion for music that started with singing, Anti+ started producing when he was at secondary school, and since then he’s never looked back.

Producing music independently under my brand name, Antidote, the young producer has been able to cultivate his own sound by following the path of his influences, leaning on the sounds of Illenium, Lauv, Chelsea Cutler, Embrz, Gryffin and Kasbo to guide his initial concepts, before branching out to more expansive and original projects.

One such release comes in the form of ‘L.U.C.I.D’, the debut EP from Anti+. A six-track collection of future bass cuts, the EP opens with a slow, serene series of notes, fading in from the silence with a glistening cascade of synth tones and layered, wandering vocals. A perfectly polished track, ‘Daylight’ is cloaked in a warm, sunny vibe that slowly introduces you to Anti+’s creative and expansive sound. There are moments of instant comparison to M83’s ‘Midnight City’, blending the future bass sounds with a pop dynamic to create an easily accessible and wonderfully placed track.

Turning to a move lavish, RnB infused sound, second cut ‘Arrival’ is instantly impressive, bringing soulful vocals and undeniable hooks into the fold, while ‘Never Gonna Say Goodbye’ flows with an ethereal, emotional sound, pulling at the heartstrings and building the tempo to reach a powerful climax of electronic beats, dazzling harmonies, and an unstoppable rousing power. A diverse mix of songs, the EP brings to light more haunting, aptly atmospheric sounds in ‘Atmosphere’, lavish, almost cinematic builds in ‘Waiting’, and fully-formed, flourish of future bass sounds in the crescendo of the closing number, ‘Nightfall’.

There is a lot that can be said about ‘L.U.C.I.D’, all of which is highly positive. From the carefully cultivated production to the rapid-fire beats and perfectly placed vocals, it’s hard not to be impressed by Anti+’s work. You can definitely hear the sounds of his influences in the tracks, but Anti+ has also managed to keep true to his own slice of EDM styling, proving that through all the digital wizardry and emotive textures, he’s not just another aspiring dance producer, but an essential new talent.

‘L.U.C.I.D’ is available now on Soundcloud, Spotify, and most major streaming platforms including Google Play.

Score: 9/10

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