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Review: Bazialini – ‘You Can Have Whatever’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Bazialini – ‘You Can Have Whatever’

An artist who has beaten adversity at every turn, Bazialini A.K.A. Mr Bombay A.K.A. the charismatic host of The Man’s Man Show is proof that life is what you make. Growing up to become one of the Oakland’s most accomplished rappers and artists, Bazialini has lived through hardship in his life, from living in a crack house with his father to almost losing his life on the streets of his hometown.

Growing up, it didn’t always seem like there was a way out for Bazialini, and he freely admits it’s a bona fide miracle that he’s come so far with so little, but with determination and a lot of hard work, he’s been able to carve his very own path through the Oakland cityscape. Embodying the mantra that it’s less about where you come from and more about what you are doing to get to where you want to be, Bazialini is constantly pushing forward and reaching for something new.

His latest step forward comes in the form of ‘You Can Have Whatever’, a new single of deep, East Oakland sounds that announces him unequivocally as the ‘Don Of Bazialini’. Featuring a driven sound that blends unique hip-hop flow over smooth RnB melodies, the new cut shines thanks to so impressive production by the one and only ZY.

Featuring a lavish, cinematic sound that glistens through a series of looped instrumentals, ‘You Can Have Whatever’ leans heavily only a laid-back, retro sound that captures the spirit of hip-hop’s golden age. Bazialini’s vocals are strip back, clean, and hit with precision, flowing through the short, looping melody with a sense of ease and confidence, showcasing his style as a rapper and his charm as a showman.

Ideally, it would be great for the beat and instrumentals to have a bit more diversity to them, as the grandeur of the more lavish, textured sounds fade quickly, along with your interest towards the end of the track, but thankfully Mr Bombay is there to hold it all together. An impressive, but not perfect new single, ‘You Can Have Whatever’ offers a sharp insight into Bazialini’s world, offering enough to get you hooked and keen to hear more.

‘You Can Have Whatever’ is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Score: 7/10

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