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Review: Beav – ‘Guns’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Beav – ‘Guns’

An intellectual hustler who uses his words to tell the story of his life and the personal hardships he has had to overcome, Beav, A.K.A. the Young Fly Genius is the musical heart and soul of his hometown. With his highly anticipated first album gaining national exposure, Beav is riding on a steady wave of momentum, pushing his music and talents to the limit with a string of impressive singles.

His latest visceral cut, ‘Guns’ is a single that really showcases Beav’s talents. Delivering his most poignant and important verses to date, ‘Guns’ is a single that aggressively tackles the growing trend of gun violence in America, pushing itself to the forefront of the conversation and making itself heard.

Coming from a place of authentic and unquestionable experience, Beav’s new single is a quick-fire masterclass on why the current and pressing reasons why the hood has guns and who has a need for them, and the way in which he links these lessons with the music is an impressive feat of songwriting. Musically, there’s an authenticity to the song’s sound, pushed along by a dramatic series of beats and a gritty textured production that back’s Beav’s message and adds a sense of atmospheric flair to the mix.

It’s a powerful piece, one that’s heightened brilliantly by its video, was shot by Dominic Fondon from Sikeston, MO, who now resides in Atlanta, GA. The right video can take a song to the next level, and that’s just the case with ‘Guns’. Shot with an overhead drone and mixed with gritty raw footage, the video is built around dramatic, and all to realistic narrative, presenting itself as a perfect visual accompaniment that can’t be missed.

Score: 8/10

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