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Review: BIG KIDD – ‘Bout It’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: BIG KIDD – ‘Bout It’

One of Australia’s most intriguing rap talents, BIG KIDD carries with him the sound and history of two great nations. Croatian-born and now based in Australia, his style takes the more melodic and visceral elements of Australian hip-hop and matches it with a more aggressive, toned style of rap, pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.

With a few songs under his belt and a growing wave of positive attention for his music video ‘TWNMH’, BIG KIDD has grabbed the attention of Perth’s blossoming independent scene. Rumoured to be on of the most unique rappers in Australia right now, BIG KIDD has taken his original style to explosive new grounds with ‘Bout It’, a new video that comes atop a wave of positive press.

A blitzkrieg anthem that just barely breaks one and a half minutes in length, ‘Bout It’ is all about raw aggression and dominance. It’s a rough-cut, bones break track that culminates in a volley of gunshots and leaves a deafening void in its wake. Built on more melodic, near-classical instrumentals, BIG KIDD’s gruff delivery is a relentless audio assault. It’s not clean, it’s not even polished, but it’s a track that wouldn’t quite work if it was.

Fall into the rampant, powerhouse track via Youtube below, and be sure to follow BIG KIDD on his various social media accounts below.

Score: 7/10

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