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Review: Big Philyyy – ‘Dumb’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Big Philyyy – ‘Dumb’

Born and bred in Accra, Ghana, Big Philyyy is the middle child of a small, but tight-knit family. After moving to Canada at the age of seventeen, Big Philyyy became a man in Ottawa, Ontario. Moving to the new city and staying with an ex, Big Philyyy spent his time trying to fix a tragically toxic relationship. It was a hard few years, but eventually, Big Philyyy new he had to walk away, starting fresh in Toronto with a new outlook and a new focus.

Reflecting on the relationship, Big Philyyy was left with mixed and lingering emotions. It was a tumultuous experience, but from the pain came a wealth of inspiration, and with heart in hand, Big Philyyy went on to create his latest evocative single, ‘Dumb’. Choosing to cut out the middle man and share his stories directly with the world, the new single is an expression of Big Philyyy’s thought process, offering a hybrid sound that is both entertaining and cathartic.

A landmark release, ‘Dumb’ comes complete with its official music video, arriving as an accomplished single of erratic beats and creative flourishes that are layered with an unshakeable RnB beat. Built around a lavish, calling chorus that entrances and seduces in equal fashion, ‘Dumb’ is infused with an unwavering melody that compliments his smooth vocals and uninhibited delivery. It’s an accomplished and wonderfully entertaining release, announcing Big Philyyy in impressive style.

Accompanied by its official music video that you can stream above, ‘Dumb’ is a skilled and wonderfully vibrant new release that is built to impress. Available now on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, and YouTube, ‘Dumb’ is a polished RnB anthem with a wonderfully human touch, offering both radio-friendly sounds and profound reflective moments.

Score: 8/10

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