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Review: Black Malachite – ‘Oblivion of Reality: The Story of the Lost Girl’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Black Malachite – ‘Oblivion of Reality: The Story of the Lost Girl’

A solo project that started in the early days of 2016, Black Malachite has become a name synonymous with prolific release schedules, stylistic tempo switches, and multi-genre experimentation. In just a few short years, Black Malachite has so far released twelve full length albums, fourteen EP’s, two compilations, a remaster, and multiple stand-alone singles, making him one of the most powerful creative forces in modern music.

His latest full-length release, 'Oblivion of Reality: The Story of the Lost Girl' marks the twelfth addition to Black Malachite’s growing back-catalogue, arriving as a concept album of classical sounds and lavish orchestral compositions. A twelve-track collection that details the story of a young girl who is pulled into another dimension and forced to confront herself and the pull of space time in order to escape.

As with all his work, Black Malachite looks to explore new genres in every release, and on his new album, he’s turned to a far more classical touch. Opening onto the cinematic trails of ‘Ripped from Reality’, the album sets an immediately involving tone, conjuring up an intoxicating sense of dramatic intrigue with heavy bass tones and perfect orchestration. Following number ‘Gather Yourself’ is far more minimalist by design, offering fleeting piano keys and fleeting atmospheric tones to create a sense of wonder and mystery. It’s an effect piece, one that moves with ease, forming itself around the energies of the other tracks and revelling in the contrasts.

From there, the album spirals into ambient waves of wonderfully textured sounds, bringing neoclassical sounds into contemporary music without fear or trepidation. Sixth track, ‘The Stars Have Eyes’ glistens with a serene, evolving melody, while ‘Galactic Harmony’ and ‘Lava Falls’ burst into life with a triumphant stream of acoustic guitar, making distinct highlights of the album.

There’s a fragility that lingers amongst the plucked sounds of ‘Energy’, and a wonderful sense of closure that emerges from ‘The Gateway Home’ and ‘The Final Symphony (Her Ballad)’. As a concept album, the narrative isn’t always clear through the music, but you can’t argue with the quality of the compositions. An album of many triumphs and few flaws, 'Oblivion of Reality: The Story of the Lost Girl' is a powerful release that Black Malachite can be proud of.

'Oblivion of Reality: The Story of the Lost Girl' is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and from Black Malachite’s official Bandcamp page below.

Score: 9/10

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