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Review: Blake Reynolds – ‘I Believe’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Blake Reynolds – ‘I Believe’

An independent Christian artist, worship leader, and songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blake Reynolds has had an expansive career to date. Performing alongside artists like JJ Weeks, Justin Warren, Ashes Remain, George Moss, and many others, he has become well-known for his original song ‘No Other Name’, released in January of 2018 to great critical success.

Putting is faith above all, Blake has said that he is a worshipper first and foremost, with his songs written from an intimate place with God; "My heart is to write songs that reach people right where they are at in life. I want my songs to bring hope, joy, encouragement, and breakthrough to people who are broken, hurting, suicidal, addicted, depressed - people who just need a touch from God. I want my songs to echo God's love and who Jesus is."

One such track is ‘I Believe’, an original composition of heavenly vocals and pop-rock arrangements. Free from heavy-handed production and flattening auto-tune, Blake’s latest single is a swooning, driven pop track that perfectly illustrates his emotive and passionate sound. Stemming from his unyielding faith, there is a confidence and security in the track that sets the foundation for Blake’s romantic lyrics and effortless harmonies, pushing his sound forward with ease and dexterity.

Musically, the song follows a fairly standard blend of pop energy with rock arrangements, tracking a path through the overlapping sounds of the two genres with lingering tones and slow-building strands of sound breaking through the silence and providing a gentle, melodic backing for Blake’s vocals. The exception to the form comes in the breakdown, where the music lifts and a waterfall of light, flickering tones and calling brass rises to take centre stage. It’s a powerful and well-composed moment, one that makes the song soar and stands well above most others.

A song of dedication and faith, ‘I Believe’ to creates a distinctive soundscape, that you can’t help be enjoy. Although principally a Christian faith track, Blake’s new single sounds as a wonderfully accessible track, meaning that regardless of your own faith or beliefs, you’ll be able to find solace in his words and soulful, pitch-perfect delivery.

You can stream ‘I Believe’, as well as Blake’s standout previous single, for yourselves by heading over to his official Spotify page.

Score: 8.5/10

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