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Review: Brown Kid – ‘Rusty Strings’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Brown Kid – ‘Rusty Strings’

Eduardo, known more widely by his musical moniker of Brown Kid. is a singer-songwriter based out of the Southeast USA. Taking to the spotlight with a laid back, almost mystical approach to music, he’s a musician with an evolving acoustic sound, bringing with him a wave of biting humour, philosophical thoughts, and keen melodies. As a solo act, Eduardo has continuously toured the South-eastern United States, while also branching out to New York, California and Texas, spreading his sound from stage to stage in a never-ending quest.

His third studio release and debut EP, ‘Rusty Strings’ was recorded and produced in a studio on Music Row in Nashville, capturing an authentic Southern sound that breaths through each of the six acoustic-driven tracks.

A rough-cut release, the EP has a delicate acoustic foundation, bringing to light a rustic charm and textured sound through which Eduardo shows off some neat technical skills, a definite ear for melody and subtle Latin infusions. Musically, the EP has a wealth of potential and promise, bringing to light a rolling scale of sounds and styles that Eduardo has masterfully brought into his own creative vision. The songs are light, joyous, and filled with a jovial atmosphere that is often complemented by Eduardo’s knack for tongue-in-cheek lyrics and his carefree, breezy delivery.

An illustrative example of his talents, the second track ‘La Farra’ brings instant memories of Red Hot Chilli Peppers to mind, pushing itself forward with an impressive pace and striking sound. It’s one of Eduardo’s most successful tracks so far, and it’s easy to see why.

All in all, ‘Rusty Strings’ is an impressive, enjoyable and memorable release from Eduardo, but with one thing holding it back. While the guitar hits with a constant rustic charm, the same sadly can’t be said for Eduardo’s vocals, with their strength and harmony lacking in some of the most impressive musical moments. The opening of the title track is a good example of this flaw, as well as the penultimate refrain of opening number ‘Welcome To My Funeral’. It’s a small, but noticeable flaw in an otherwise successful release.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music and more, ‘Rusty Strings’ is a worthwhile listen and an entertaining introduction to Eduardo’s sound.

Score: 7/10

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