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Review: B'zurkk – ‘Time Bomb’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: B'zurkk – ‘Time Bomb’

An aspiring rapper and producer from Clovis, B’zurkk has spent the last decade of his life in Colorado, writing, recording and mixing his own unique sound. A business owner, B’zurkk’s music has always been a way for him to escape and cope with life, turning it from a passion to a budding new career. Earning his stripes and moniker from Slimm A.K.A. Dawhyte Titan, who described his flow as berserk, it’s a name that’s stuck, becoming synonymous with heavy beats, fierce sounds, and visceral, dynamic delivery.

Built on the life motto of, ‘never a failure, always a lesson’, B’zurkk’s music has been a constantly evolving process, building with each creative track. The latest single in his arsenal, ‘Time Bomb’ rises from stark beats developed by Heartbreak Beats, a deft producer from B’zurkk’s hometown.

Layered upon an accomplished beat, ‘Time Bomb’ features a rolling stream of gritty vocals that flow with their own unique melody. Clashing with the more emotive and almost cinematic beat, B’zurkk’s vocals are relentless in their delivery, pushing forward with their own authentic sound and creating a dedicated stream of conscious thought. It’s an intriguing single that contrasts new school beats with old school delivery, creating a tangible mix of nostalgia and excitement with every bar.

Arriving with a dynamic freestyle energy, there is a passionate, lingering depth to the track that arises from the contrast between B’zurrk and Heartbreak Beats’ styles. Joining more visceral vocals with polished, cinematic beats, ‘Time Bomb’ is a refreshing new chapter in a generally over-saturated genre, offering something new that will surely impress casual and hardcore fans alike.

You can stream ‘Time Bomb’ now on Soundcloud above, or via Spotify by clicking here.

Score: 7/10

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