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Review: Calvin Hill – ‘Misguided’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Calvin Hill – ‘Misguided’

Although only twenty, North Carolina’s Calvin Hill has already found his purpose through music. As a child, Calvin’s parents instilled traditional, scriptural values into him, using their faith to guide the course of his life. In 2010, Calvin felt the call to begin his own ministry, setting out to help people within his Charlotte community. Utilising hip-hop as a medium through which he could reach the community, Calvin began to refine his sound and focus, becoming a herald for positive values and altruistic actions.

With two mixtapes released so far, Calvin’s music commonly blends contemporary hip-hop sounds with topics such as poverty, pride, mental health, and depression, bringing all these elements together with the hope to inspire. His latest release, ‘Misguided’ is another driven album of gospel messages and creative features, culminating in a fourteen-track mix that vividly portrays his vision.

A thoroughly modern release, ‘Misguided’ holds all the trademarks of modern hip-hop, bringing polished beats, RnB vocals, visceral rapping, and smooth baselines that flow behind a cascade of inviting melodies and attention-grabbing hooks. Musically, it’s not the most original or unique of releases, with several of the tracks, like ‘Gaslight’ and ‘Never, Never’ for example, arriving with very familiar sounds. What makes it is the depth of Calvin’s passion and lyrics, preaching to his choir with a confidence that just can’t be denied.

Polished and professional, you’d be mistaken for thinking that ‘Misguided’ is just another modern hip-hop mix, and his ability to overlay universal sounds with a very defined message is something to be celebrated. His use of features and eclectic audio bites add a more organic, creative feel to the release as a whole, even if they are the newfound cliché of female voices expressing their love for Calvin.

‘Misguided’ is available now on Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube.

Score: 7/10

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