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Review: Camila Paiva – ‘Stop Angeles’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Camila Paiva – ‘Stop Angeles’

Born in Brazil and raised in Boston, Camila Paiva has spent her life between two distinct music scenes. Now living in L.A., Paiva has been working hard to forge a vibrant music career. Music has always been in Paiva’s life - at the age of five where she would perform to her family through a Barbie karaoke microphone, and by the age of eight she had already begun to write her own poems and lyrics, eventually turning them into songs.

Paiva was introduced to producer Mike Cip during her high school years, and it was there at Split2nd Entertainment Studio that she began her journey into becoming a seasoned musician. In that same studio is where she met Justin Mercurio, a Boston bred producer and artist who became a mentor, a good friend, collaborator, and eventually her boyfriend.

‘Stop Angeles’ marks the first collaboration between the musical power-couple. It’s a track that hinges largely on the chemistry of the two artists and the polished blending of the track. It’s polished, bringing a maelstrom of intricate flourishes together with scattered, building baselines and perfectly paced percussion. Everything is maintained and measured to create an intriguing atmosphere through which the vocals, particularly Paiva’s can shine.

It’s the subtle nuances that make the song, and the production here cannot be praised enough. It turns what could easily be a two-dimensional song into a tactile RnB-infused hit that is both engaging and entertaining.

Score: 8/10

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