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Review: Campos – ‘Way Down Inside’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Campos – ‘Way Down Inside’

A conceptual project envisioned by Portuguese artist Diogo Campos; Campos has become one of the most intriguing submissions we’ve ever encountered. The result of a myriad of personal experiences allied with what Diogo calls, “the transversal musical universe”, Campos is a constantly evolving torrent of classical influences, bringing together aspects of folk, rock, pop, and dazzling electronica. Self-described as a “journey in the field of human and spiritual development”, Campos is both a musical project and a personal journal, detailing Diogo’s experiments, successes, failures, and unravelling adventures.

Accompanied by the indispensable support of Marco Faria on the bass, Ricardo Martins on the drums and João Gomes on the keys and programming, Campos has recently moved from a loose vision into a tangible project, launching itself in vibrant clarity with the release of debut single, ‘Way Down Inside’.

For all the fancy wordplay and lavish descriptors, when ‘Way Down Inside’ begins it’s easy to label its as a vivid pop track, one that stands in the same shadows as Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, or James Arthur. Driven by a flow of unique electronics and light, jubilant guitar, ‘Way Down Inside’ is a feel-good, party anthem in disguise. Cutting with a razor sharp, indie rock edge, the track pushes itself forward with repeating bursts of guitar and a rough, emotive vocals that capture the energy of the track in brilliant form.

Rough and ready, ‘Way Down Inside’ has within it the spirit of the early 2000’s when guitar bands ruled supreme and indie was at its height. It’s a welcome blast from the past that sets itself firmly in place alongside acts like The Kooks or Catfish & The Bottlemen with ease, and while you interpret the song to have a higher meaning or even metaphysical quality, it’s best to just leave it be and enjoy it for what it is.

Score: 7.5/10

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