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Review: CEO Fields – ‘25/8’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: CEO Fields – ‘25/8’

A rapper based in the heart of Los Angeles, CEO Fields is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has overcome hardships and gone from rags to riches in his lifetime. In 2014, he started his first business, invested the profits and became a certified millionaire, pushing his successes from strength to strength in a constant pursuit to better himself.

As well as a successful investor, CEO Fields has always had a passion for music, and recently he has combined it with his financial knowledge to create his very own sub-genre called ‘Finance Rap’. A unique genre which strives to entertain and educate listeners about the power of financial literacy and investing wisely, he’s currently bringing ‘Finance Rap’ into the spotlight with the release of his latest single ‘25/8’.

All about the hustle, CEO Fields’ new single is a deft attempt at establishing himself as both an artist and a master of his new genre. Moving beyond the traditional boundaries that have long since been established in rap, using his business wisdom and a launching pad for his creativity. With a clear and focused flow, CEO Fields’ vocals are perfectly placed, pushing his message forward with more clarity and dedication than most rappers in the game today.

Although CEO Fields’ does fall into the cliched trap of relentless bragging, he’s one of the few rappers who can actually back up his words with actions, leaning on his past successes to create a bright, expansive future. His rhymes seem to flourish at nearly every moment throughout the song, and the flexible format of the song allows for the seamless ebb and flow of energy, leading to a bright, visceral, and breath-taking performance.

A distinct and powerful new addition to the constantly expanding rap genre, CEO Fields’ ‘25/8’ is essential new listening that comes complete with its very own music video.

Score: 8/10

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