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Review: Charles Devon – ‘Wait For It’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Charles Devon – ‘Wait For It’

A singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan, Charles Devon has always had a distinct and unyielding passion for music. Since his youth he has been constantly refining and practising his art, showcasing his talents for family and friends every free chance he had. By middle school Charles knew that music was his future, and since then he has done everything in his power to make it so. After earning exclusive admittance to the Detroit High School For Performing Arts, Charles was able to gain a wealth of musical knowledge, adding timeless music theory to his already blossoming talents.

After graduating from Clark Atlanta University, Charles made music his primary focus, becoming the lead singer and frontman of local band King Stereo in 2012. The following year he dove headfirst into the famed music scene of L.A., writing music for local artists, commercials, TV shows, and films. In 2015, Charles released his debut single as a solo artist, with ‘Star Searching’ laying the foundation for the release of his debut EP, ‘Wait For It’.

A nine-track release that includes three interludes and a special acoustic version of what is arguably Charles’ most accomplished single so far, ‘Wait For It’ is a true and impressive showcase of his talents. Acting as short skits that break up the flow of the EP, the interludes are easily ignored as you push forward to get to the music, skipping them on every repeat listen as you scramble for the opening notes of ‘Bae’. An erratic first track, ‘Bae’ has an oddly staggered melody present in the minimalist backing and Charles’ vocals that make it hard to become fully invested in. It’s well produced, but strangely constructed, flickering between soulful RnB and dizzying, almost tribal aesthetics in a somewhat bewildering show of range.

Improving with each track, Charles manages to iron out some of the early issues on the EP, and by the time ‘Start Over’ and ‘Intimate’ arrives, there is a defined an impressive sound that you really lose yourself in. Perhaps the most impressive song of the release, the acoustic version of ‘H.D.Y.F.’ is brilliantly done, giving perhaps the most honest and unadulterated view of Charles’ talents.

A mixed release that offers a wealth of potential, ‘Wait For It’ has a spark of invention that makes it worthwhile listening, and with his career in music starting to really take form in L.A., its easy to see ‘Wait For It’ being the first step in a big career.

The EP is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, and more.

Score: 6.5/10

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