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Review: Charlesy - ‘Time Just Seems To Go’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Charlesy - ‘Time Just Seems To Go’

A singer, songwriter and founding member of The Accelerators, Charlesy has been making music for well over two decades. After building a solid reputation for their live shows and original material, eventually bringing them to be played BBC Radio Two and UK TV soap Emmerdale, Charlesy’s time with The Accelerators came to end, and he was left to find his new place in the world. Locked away in a corporate role, Charlesy eventually grew tired of the pointless hustle and bustle, choosing to instead walk off into the sunset with his guitar and a head full of songs.

Living the bohemian life travelling around in his campervan, writing songs and indulging in his love of photography, Charlesy has managed to create his own perfect, creative world. Creatively, his approached is authentic and brilliantly DIY, and Charlesy creates and controls everything down to the very cover art that accompanies each release.

One of his earlier, solo singles, ‘Time Just Seems To Go’ opens with a stream of gentle piano keys and lingering acoustic guitar notes, extending their reach and forming a melodic platform for Charlesy’s vocals. Emerging as a delicate ballad with fleeting elements of folk, the main focus of the single is the crooning, melancholic vocals of Charlesy himself. Carrying the emotion and tone of the song, his words float across layers of soft percussion and wistful guitar flourishes to build a song about fading memories and lost love.

The guitar and piano trade roles and prominence as the song plays on, acting as vehicles that help to drive the song forward in bouts of alternating power. Everything plays together well, building the overarching melody of the piece, except for one curious decision, being his own backing vocals. Erupting in the chorus as a series of ‘Charlesys’ singing in slightly different keys, the wandering, gentle nature of the track is broken, sweeping through like a speeding car breaking the quiet harmony of a perfect Summer’s day.

When looking at his creative process, Charlesy has said that he has long since given up trying to ‘formularise’ his work, leaving them to simply emerge, and with ‘Time Just Seems To Go’ there is a definite feel for that. It’s a song that derives its power from honest, true moments, and for the most part, it’s an impressive showing of his songwriting abilities.

Score: 7/10

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