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Review: Charli Haruhi – ‘Ship of Imagination’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Charli Haruhi – ‘Ship of Imagination’

Charli Haruhi is a talented electro-pop artist with a wealth of inspiration at their fingertips. Born Selathia Chestnut to a military family, Charli’s childhood was spent constantly on the move, journey from Germany to the United States, never quite settling in one place long enough to feel at home. In music, Charli found a place of safety and security, somewhere where society’s harsh judgements couldn’t reach. Bravely identifying as non-binary, Charli now resides in Washington where they draw on elements of indie rock, progressive rock, and dance to crafter their own form of diverse and immersive electronica.

Linked to their fascination with outer space, Charli’ new EP shines with their eccentricities, combining their quest for knowledge with a world of musical creativity. Titled ‘Ship of Imagination’, the new four-track collection is a combination of Charli’s influences and joys, bringing together a melee of loosely connected topics into one narrative-driven thread.

Opening with the title track, ‘Ship of Imagination’ dances with waves of reverberating sound, creating a subtle melody that Charli’s soulful vocals glide across. Eventually, more digital beats appear, offering a gentle, almost tribal sound reminiscent of early techno sounds and more avant-garde vision. It’s a distinct track with its own rhythm and reality, setting an off-kilter but intriguing stage for the rest of the EP.

Sci-fi strings blossoms on the opening of the EP’s second track, ‘Woopah!’, an evolving instrumental that unique beats and a driven, club tempo. On the latter half of the EP, ‘Spacey Bass’ delivers exactly what it says on the label, with rolling bass tones cascading behind Charli’s repetitive refrains and curated flourishes of audio bites, while closing number ‘Simple Void’ delivers another choice instrumental, embracing more textured world sounds to create Charli’s most accomplished track on the release.

Introspective, adventurous, and frequently surprising, Charli’s EP is a release like few others, pursuing a course of fearless independent rhythms and sounds. A brave and largely entertaining, although unconventional release, ‘Ship of Imagination’ is a bold statement from a blossoming and unapologetic talent.

'Ship of Imagination' is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Score: 7/10

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