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Review: Chords of Truth – ‘Pattern’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Chords of Truth – ‘Pattern’

In early 2013, Jason Garriotte, the talented creative force behind Chords of Truth packed up his car and hit the road. It was a move that came shortly after the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Reflections of Reality’, a double LP involving collaborations with fourteen producers, fifty-seven EDM/folktronica remixes and an expansive series of genres, all of which arose from Garriotte’s seven original acoustic songs.

It was the start of bold new journey for Garriotte, travelling from city to city, writing and performing, and recording two stellar singles in ‘Wonder’ and ‘Freedom’. They were two songs that set the standard and future direction for Garriotte’s project, Chords of Truth, and now with the upcoming release of his new single ‘Pattern’, Garriotte has taken things to a new level.

A classic acoustic song in both sound and style, ‘Pattern’ is a deft maelstrom of fingerpicking, acoustic strumming, and Garriotte’s rustic vocals. It’s a song brought together by a purposeful, driven drumbeat and a subtle, building bass line. The chorus is rich in harmony, adding power to the song and driving it forward with ambition and a sound that is wonderfully distinct.

It’s a song that takes lead from artists like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, and the immortal Leonard Cohen, ‘Pattern’ is a contemporary folk track that pushes forward with its own unique tone. It’s melodic, charming, and powerful in its rolling progressive nature, making it a perfect introduction to one of the most refined folk talents of the last few years.

You can download your own copy of ‘Pattern’ from Chords Of Truth’s official Bandcamp page now.

Score: 8/10

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