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Review: Chris Goss – ‘Take Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Chris Goss – ‘Take Me’

A solo musician, artist, model, actor, and entrepreneur, there’s a seemingly unlimited set of strings to Chris Goss’ bow. After taking up electric guitar at the young age of sixteen, Chris started performing live in small venues, building his repertoire and cutting his teeth on the music scene. Alongside his aspiring music career, Chris has also found his way performing in small films, commercials, and various modelling events, making him an artist on every possible platform.

With a style that has evolved relentlessly over the years, Chris has carved a path through new age sounds, progressive rock anthemics, and ambient trance textures. His latest single, ‘Take Me’, falls firmly into the latter category, opening with a minimalist flourish of subdued tones and steady, rolling beats.

Instantly atmospheric, the instrumentals that behind ‘Take Me’ build a solid foundation from which anything seems possible. There’s a touch of The xx and Cigarettes After Sex about the song, but where those band’s shine in creating a level atmosphere filled with lavish, sultry vocals, ‘Take Me’ instead steers itself towards hushed, whispering sounds that ebb and flow, breaking in and fading out melodically is an array of intriguing creative choices.

It’s easy to see and appreciate the sound that Chris was aiming for when he composed ‘Take Me’, but it’s a point of debate as to how effectively he pulls it off. Sometimes involving and filled with mystique, sometimes off-putting verging on creepy, the vocals swap opinion back and forth with each listen. It’s hard to lock in an opinion on the track as a whole, and every listener seems to have a different opinion and a different perception of it.

A musical mystery wrapped in a creative enigma, ‘Take Me’ is a bold, explorative step for Chris Goss, one that certainly has us interested in where his sound might go next. You can stream the new single above via Spotify, or find it on iTunes today.

Score: 6.5/10

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