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Review: Clebber de Azevedo – ‘Attraction’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Clebber de Azevedo – ‘Attraction’

A Brazilian music producer at the top of his game, Clebber de Azevedo has gone from hit to hit throughout 2019, creating an impressive back-catalogue that blends electronica, pop, and visceral trap sounds. The release that started it all, ‘Attraction’ arrived back in July as Clebber’s debut EP, announcing the producer with a whirlwind of effervescent dance tracks.

Bold, contemporary, and utterly fearless in its approach, ‘Attraction’ rallies around six vibrant singles that all shine with their own emotive glamour. Opening cut ‘Lush Life’ shines as it forms from the ether, pushing towards math rock territory that Foals would be proud of, before quickly transitioning into the industrial overtones of second cut, ‘Carry On’. It’s a balanced and wonderfully done transition, one that carries forward the overall electronic soul of the EP, while also showcasing an impressive diversity and substance.

Third number ‘No No Baby’ is a nostalgic EDM banger in every sense, flowing with a well-founded confidence that is absolutely captivating, before ‘I Got My Eyes on You (Boy)’ emerges in a flurry of electronic-tinged guest vocals and a masterful funk melody. Pushing the boundaries of the EDM world further, Clebber closes the EP on a more poignant and emotive tone, offering a stunning orchestral opening and heavy trap transition on ‘I’m On A Hustle’ and a final emotive finish on the lavish ‘Mr Right’.

Filled with expressive trap sounds that and a diverse electronic soul, ‘Attraction’ is a rare release that is both intriguing and captivating, offering a deft selection of tracks that wonderfully encapsulates Clebber’s blossoming sound. A sensation in every sense of the word, ‘Attraction’ brilliantly set the stage for things to come, making it an essential new EDM release.

You can find ‘Attraction’ on CD Baby today, along with a string of other impressive releases from the brilliant Clebber de Azevedo.

Score: 8/10

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