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Review: Clebber De Azevedo – ‘Have You Ever’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Clebber De Azevedo – ‘Have You Ever’

After releasing two massive EP’s in 2019, Brazilian producer Clebber De Azevedo is back in the spotlight and looking to keep the momentum going in 2020 with another bold release. Capitalising on the vibrant, pop-infused sounds of ‘Attraction’ and ‘Purple’, the new EP sees Clebber exploring more tactile and expansive sounds, bringing to life six lustrous and seemingly limitless new tracks.

Aptly titled ‘Have You Ever’, the new EP is a tangled web of possibilities, provocative statements, and enduring, sultry moments, blending pop, EDM, and visceral RnB into a shifting and inescapable musical world. Built on a fine medley of stellar guest vocals, hard-hitting beats, and rolling, modulated sounds, Clebber has left no sound or style unexplored, pushing his own creative boundaries while holding firm to a distinct universal appeal.

Opening number ‘Sexy Boy (Have You Ever)’ is a perfect example of the EP’s power, bringing a distinct pop-infused chorus and seamlessly blending it with more RnB verse and a vicious rap feature. It’s old school HAIM meets new school Lizzo, wrapped in a sharp Brazilian twist, and if it’s the only song you hear from Clebber or the EP, it’s an absolute banger.

Second track ‘Fire’ follows suit but carves its own path with seductive vocals and a more laid-back sound, layering the simmering beats with a slower tempo and calling, electronic choruses that are simply scintillating. Following compositions of ‘Crazy Things’ and ‘Gonna Make You Feel Good’ operate as two sides of the same coin, bringing modern love to the fore with heartfelt vocals and rising melodies that push and explore two different versions of the same complicated emotion, offering a platform from which the closing numbers can build.

The penultimate and arguably most universal of the EP’s release, ‘Heart to Heart’ fades into view with a growing sense of familiarity, layering some more stunning vocals with one of Clebber’s most tactile and evocative compositions yet. It’s a pitch-perfect pop song that you can easily see taking over the airwaves all across the globe. Something of a wild card inclusion, final number ‘Remember When We First Met In Paris’ is a shifting stream of ska and dancehall influences sounds that are soaked in reverb and buoyed by fading brass tones. It’s a track that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the EP, striking out on its own as the black sheep or ‘bonus track’ of the record.

Last impressions aside, ‘Have You Ever’ is largely another powerful and cohesive release from Clebber, offering another strong and hard to forget illustration of his talents. Filled to the brim with enjoyable moments, infectious melodies, and a deserved sense of confidence, the new EP is arguably one of his strongest.

You can stream the full release today on Spotify and most major platforms, and be sure to follow Clebber on his social media pages below so you don’t miss the release of his highly anticipated new single, ‘Sweet Temptation’.

Score: 8/10

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