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Review: Clebber de Azevedo – ‘Purple’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Clebber de Azevedo – ‘Purple’

A talented artist and producer with a penchant for hard-hitting electronic melodies and distinct pop infusions, Clebber de Azevedo has proven himself to be one of Brazil’s leading stars. Caught in a creative fervour that transcends genres and defies categorisation, we first become accustomed to Clebber’s sound with the release of his debut EP, ‘Attraction’, a six-track epic that still shines to this day. Now, Clebber is back with an equally stunning sophomore release, the simply titled, ‘Purple’ EP.

Released in September of 2019, ‘Purple’ is another defiant mix of RnB, pop, EDM, trap and more alternative elements, and it’s easy to see that Clebber has worked hard to expand his dynamic sound. Each track, from the slow-building trap melodies and soulful vocals of ‘Purple Candy’ to the closing cinematics of ‘Don’t Worry’, breath with their own distinct character, making the EP a release an engaging and wonderfully diverse listen.

Like six short stories tied together by a central narrator, ‘Purple’ shifts and transforms itself with complete confidence and ease, equally at home in a tempest of energetic electronic beat and more smouldering orchestral moments. While the opening song might draw you in with its electro-soul tones, second cut ‘Wake Up’ hits with a more direct, hip-hop approach, pushing a nostalgic house beat shimmers beneath bursts of rapped verse and swirling digital tones.

From there, ‘Hypnotic’ offers more acoustic shades, bringing more funk-infused and vaguely-country sounds to the mix, and ‘I’m Alive’ exceeds all expectations for rapid-fire trap anthemics, acting as a unique sound stage for the more cinematic stylings of ‘Spring Fever’. Like a cleansing wave, it’s the closing orchestral sounds of ‘Don’t’ Worry’ that stick with you, bringing proceedings to a close with a controlled and wonderfully textured fade to a deafening silence.

Sonically balanced to be both universally enjoyable and personally relatable, ‘Purple’ is an impressive leap forward for Clebber, leaving behind the idea of more singular visions, and instead, creating an unfolding EDM-tinged tapestry of seemingly unlimited expanse. A great showcase of Clebber de Azevedo’s skills, ‘Purple’ offers a unique portrait of an artist on the rise.

Score: 8.5/10

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