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Review: Crash Mosaic - 'Electric Gratitude'

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Crash Mosaic - 'Electric Gratitude'

A Maryland native who now spends his time in Norfolk, Virginia, Matt Wallace is a songwriter, composer, and musician of unparalleled potential. Taking on the moniker of Crash Mosaic in 2016, Wallace’s work focuses upon his use of synths and DIY recording style to create a really unique sound.

After the success of his ‘Ghoulish’ EP back in 2016, Wallace set his sights on recording his debut full-length album as Crash Mosaic. After three failed attempts where albums were started, but never fully realised, Wallace refocused his energies, summoning all the power and passion that he could to bring ‘Electric Gratitude’ into the spotlight.

Completed with a sense of creative urgency, focused determination, and the faith that his work will impress his fans, ‘Electric Gratitude’ sees Wallace taking a step back from the knit-picking, perfectionist streak that stalled his previous albums. Armed with the realisation that his love of music comes from the electric, physical response his body receives from the sounds and vibrations, Wallace was determined to make ‘Electric Gratitude’ a release of vibrant, tactile rewards.

Both lyrically and musically, the album is a stream of raw consciousness, built from Wallace’s sporadic creative style of never writing anything down. Instead, his melodies and lyrics flow freely, arriving from the creative ether and making their mark upon his DIY recording studio. A ten-track collection, ‘Electric Gratitude’ is striking in its immediacy and eclipsing walls of sound. Opening track ‘Meter’ bring an ethereal digital matrix to the fore, offering up cascading notes and vocals drenched in subtle reverb. It’s transient tones that are akin to British Expeditionary Force or White Belt Yellow Tag, but with a more substantial musical frame.

As the album continues it delivers a maelstrom of different styles, ranging from the abstract, droning noise of ‘Idol Dreams’ to the more frantic, tribal beats of ‘In Pictures’. It’s an unrelenting spiral of electronic sounds, some expansive and wonderfully impressive, others experimental and hard to translate. It’s a mixed bag of unbridled creativity that rings with noticeable DIY production, making it an unpolished accomplishment in anyone’s books.

‘Electric Gratitude’ will be official released on the 12th of April this year.

Score: 7/10

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