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Review: CTez – ‘Jealous feat. Lydia Jane’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: CTez – ‘Jealous feat. Lydia Jane’

Born and raised in the heart of New York, Westchester’s CTez has never quite fit the mould of your traditional lyricist or rapper. A talented and developed artist, CTez always had a passion for music, finding comfort in its forms, and even in his earliest days, he was constantly singing, rapping, and performing for classmates. Sadly, life’s practicalities got in the way of his musical aspirations, and he left music to pursue success in the legal world.

Several years later and CTez found that he couldn’t shake that urge to create, and with the help of his trust MacBook, he returned to the fold once again. As life began to throw more struggles, conflicts, and experiences at him, the art of verse became the perfect way for CTez to capture and share his experiences, and since then, rap has become something of a constant companion for him.

In his latest celebrated release, CTez has teamed up with Lydia Jane, a fellow Westchester native to create ‘Jealous’, a unique new blend of rap, pop, and RnB. A smooth mix of dual vocals and sultry, spiralling synth tones, ‘Jealous’ is a diverse showing of vocal talents and simple beats that flows with an undeniable energy, bringing to the fore an organic stream of spoken word elements with CTez’s rap talents the soaring backing of Lydia Jane. Lavishly produced, there is a seamless quality to the mix, and you can’t deny the power of the brooding, instrumental hooks that flicker and breathe behind both artists vocals.

Capturing the emotion with a calculated and crystal clear clarity, ‘Jealous’ is a stellar mix of lyrical and instrumental expression, with both elements combining to create an elaborate and expansive portrait of jealous turning a relationship. While the focus falls undeniably on CTez, Lydia’s contributions are solid and brilliantly placed, making the track an impressive release from a talented pairing.

Score: 8/10

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