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Review: Cumlaude – ‘Face Time 2’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Cumlaude – ‘Face Time 2’

An American music artist, Cumlaude is something of a rap enigma. With an extensive back-catalogue on iTunes than dates back to 2017, their style is an experimental mix of new-age rap and 90’s hip-hop, arriving at a strange hybrid of sounds that is built to intrigue,

A collection of nine original tracks, ‘Face Time 2’ is Cumlaude’s latest release, and we can only assume, the sequel to the original ‘Face Time’ that was released in 2018. With a sound that is instantly recognisable and instantly refreshing, the album comes to life through a series of heavy basslines, confident vocals, and subtle, rolling rhythms.

There’s an obvious consistency between the tracks, from the opening bars of ‘All I Know’ to the final fade of ‘Monster’. With an undeniable groove, the tracks are polished well, creating a patchwork of sounds that reflect several decades of hip-hop evolution. Cumlaude’s flow is well paced, confident, and carries many of the songs, but questions appear when her vocals try to lift themselves to more soulful singing in closing track ‘Monster’.

It's hard to really understand the message or creative force that lies behind ‘Face Time 2’. It’s a strong release, but often feels as though it lacks direction, possibly because it doesn’t have the same sense of context that other releases carry with them. Despite this though, ‘Face Time 2’ is a release worth listening to, and its lack of history makes for a sense of intrigue that will have you rolling through the rest of their iTunes releases.

Score: 7.5/10

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