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Review: Daniel Pertsev – ‘Magic’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Daniel Pertsev – ‘Magic’

An outsider artist who first came to our attention through his single ‘Go On’, Daniel Pertsev has quietly built himself to be one of the most innovative independent artists in modern music. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Pertsev has flourished in New York’s underground scene, setting airwaves alight with tracks like recent release, ‘Magic’.

Built on a foundation of digital tones and a lavish, near-orchestral composition, ‘Magic’ is a track of subtle brilliance. As fresh and vibrant as it’s cover art, ‘Magic’ is a modern take on pop music, one that knows it’s limits and plays to it’s core strengths. Part pop, part East Wave, ‘Magic’ arrives as the results of focused intent and clear, creative vision.

Pertsev’s vocals resound with a haunting, emotive quality throughout, one that ties in with the underlining darkness of the single. It’s wonderfully rich and unapologetically evocative, soaring towards the end with a rise in sound, quality, and instrumentation, eclipsing everything in its path. It’s an evolved step up from his previous work, and a single that isn’t to be missed.

‘Magic’ is available now on Apple Music, or you can stream it now on Spotify or Soundcloud above.

Score: 8/10

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