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Review: Danjul – ‘Chapter of Love’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Danjul – ‘Chapter of Love’

An unconventional artist on the rise, Danjul has proven his talents and flair for reinvention in the past with the release of his album, ‘Origin of Times’, which received a stellar score of 9.1/10 from The Faulkner Review. Born in Inglewood, California, and then raised in Covina, CA, Danjul developed a passion for music that he has cultivated ever since he was young. Taken from the aforementioned album, ‘Chapter of Love’ was produced by Matthew Nelson and Sina Mobasser and just so happens to be one of Danjul’s boldest singles to date.

An emotive track that is filled with contemporary RnB elements, ‘Chapter of Love’ is instantly recognisable as a lead single. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince, the single is a rich tapestry of unwavering vocals, memorable choruses and lavish grandeur that borders on excess.

Built upon instrumentals that include deft layers of keyboard, violin, and wonderful pop sensibilities, ‘Chapter of Love’ is one of those rare songs that have been composed with precision, and yet sound entirely free flowing and organic. Polished to near perfection and with vocals that are relatively unparalleled in mainstream music, Danjul has proven his talent with ‘Chapter of Love’ and made a song that won’t be forgotten anytime soon, if at all.

Score: 9/10

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