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Review: Daree Rock – ‘Planet Bass Radio’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Daree Rock – ‘Planet Bass Radio’

Born and raised in Berlin, Daree Rock is a product of the electro-funk and breakdance culture that burst into Germany in the early ‘80s. Inspired by a new musical culture and influenced by the likes of Newcleus, Jonzun Crew, Planet Patrol or Paul Hardcastle, Daree built his sounds from a dizzying array of electro-funk records that he collected and played, earning his stripes as a DJ in the clubs of Berlin before finally starting to produce his own music.

A unique combination of new and old school elements, including dizzying breakbeats, sharp melodic sounds, and the clever use of the vocoder, to create a distinctive music style the crosses genres, styles, and eras. In 2008, Daree released his debut album, ‘The Sound’, a reflective work of art that covered the breadth of his creativity. It was the start of something special, with subsequent releases, radio station features, and the signing to Berlin Label Electro Propaganda all following in relatively quick and well-deserved succession.

His first release on the label, ‘Planet Bass Radio’ is an evolved five-track release of immediate digital power. Breaking through your speakers with a brilliantly orchestrated mix of percussive beats, cascading synths, and meteoric rises, the EP begins with ‘Electronic Dancer’, a stunning journey through celestial beats and grounded dance energy. It’s an impressive opening gambit, one that sets the stage brilliantly by delivering seven-minutes of pure and purposeful sounds.

Followed in sublime form by the title track, the EP continues to push through boundaries with ease, creating a vibrant and powerful soundscape that quickly sweeps aside the busy noise of reality. Dynamic and constantly shifting, there is an organic nature to the tracks that make the electronic medleys work so well, particularly in the brightest moments of ‘Antelope’ and ‘Bass R3actor’.

Bold, but not overstated, there is a sense of magic about ‘Planet Bass Radio’ that you will struggle to find anywhere else. It’s a sweeping and wonderfully placed mix of nostalgic sounds and modern energy, creating a visceral time warp that sucks you in and holds you there, refusing to let you go and constantly bombarding your senses. A massive release for both Daree and his label, ‘Planet Bass Radio’ is the start of a bright new chapter for both parties.

Score: 9/10

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