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Review: Dario Distasi – ‘Letting Go’ EP

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Dario Distasi – ‘Letting Go’ EP

A Manchester-based singer-songwriter who has been popping up across the internet in the last few years, Dario Distasi has been an artist to watch for some time now. Growing up in Italy where he first studied music and built his sound, Dario made the move to Manchester in 2015, bringing his reputation as a talent guitarist to the legendary music scene.

Embarking on a solo career, Dario put all his energy into writing and recording new songs, digging into his Italian heritage and looking to his love of pop, rock, and country to forge a vibrant new sound. After building rapport with US-based producer and BMI Award Winner Drew Middleton, Dario knew it was time to release his music onto the world, and the result, was the four-track EP, ‘Letting Go’.

Built on the strong foundation set by lead single ‘Stuck in Here’, the new EP is an aural assault of heavy guitar hooks, powerful choruses, and vaguely indecipherable lyrics. Opening track ‘Letting Go’ is an impressive introduction to the EP, showcasing Dario’s natural ability to write a brilliant guitar line, and each chorus is purpose-built to fill stadiums, but the track also brings the first shades of fragility in Dario’s vocals. While it’s clear he has a good voice, there is a lack of strength, and in the battle for supremacy with the instrumentals, his voice loses one too many times.

It’s a similar effect with following track ‘Again’, another big track that present an unassailable wall of sound, but where the EP really shines is the past single and closing number ‘When the Lights Go Down’. In both those tracks, Dario’s work with the guitar and his vocals have a near-perfectly interplay, building off one another to heighten the impact and excitement in a way that the first two tracks lack.

It’s a pleasing end to the release, one that really showcases Dario’s potential as a solo artist and helps to nullify some of the struggles in the initial few tracks. In the end, Dario’s vocals can always be strengthened and improved, and looking at the release as a whole, ‘Letting Go’ is an impressive modern rock release, one that takes the classic spirit and energy or rock ‘n’ roll and gives it a fresh spin that’ll please the mainstream to no end.

‘Letting Go’ can be streamed in full on Spotify above, or you can find it now on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

Score: 7.5/10

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