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Review: Datastar – ‘Don’t Panic’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Datastar – ‘Don’t Panic’

A songwriting and music production collection that dips its toes into a diverse range of styles, Datastar have a talent for blending EDM, pop, rock, and hip-hop into a thoroughly modern sound. Based in New York City and a vibrant fixture of the timeless music scene, they’re a brilliantly eclectic mix of musicians and music enthusiasts including everything from a DJ to a record store owner. With three singles out so far, the collective has been constantly refining and pushing their boundaries, but for our first review of their work, we’ve decided to go back to the track that started it all.

Billed as future EDM classic, ‘Don’t Panic’ is a single determined to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and entertain you for days. With over twenty-thousand streams on Spotify already, the track is the perfect introduction to the collection, rallying around a luminescent stream of digital beats, fading sirens, and robotic vocals that command that track, it’s all about relentless, driving beats and immutable techno energy.

Playing with a distinct sci-fi sound, ‘Don’t Panic’ is a completely entrancing tune, bringing to light classic electronic sound and vibrant, modern energy. Polished to perfection and rolling with a classic sound that hasn’t graved our spirits in years, you can’t help but fall for the collective’s approach to music. With shades of New Order and Autokratz shining brightly, ‘Don’t Panic’ is wonderfully original, tying together all the same qualities of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s classic ‘Relax’ with a more confident digital sound.

Built with purpose and a calculated focus, there is something brilliant about the single that makes it impossible to deny. Standing firm on the forefront of EDM, ‘Don’t Panic’ announces Datastar in brilliant, unyielding form.

Score: 8.5/10

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