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Review: DayRollers – ‘The Bright Side of Black’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: DayRollers – ‘The Bright Side of Black’

Most often labelled as part of the blossoming alt. rock scene, DayRollers are an energetic four-piece live band with a sound that is guaranteed to impress. Boasting that their sound brings ‘guaranteed good times’, the band combine the old with the new, creating a fresh rock sound that has a universal appeal. With an emphasis on vocals and wonderfully distinct sound, the band have been carving up their local scene for years, building their audience and winning over critics with a stellar string of releases.

Influenced heavily by the likes of The Beatles, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Nickelback, Tool, and more, the band recently released their landmark second album, the creatively titled ‘The Bright Side of Black’.

A ten-track collection, the new album begins with power and immediacy, propelling a solid stream of percussion and a thunderous guitar riff into the silence. It’s an unyielding showing of force that is quickly met by soaring, calculated vocals and a rally of raucous shouts. It’s quite possibly the most instantly impressive start to an album we’ve heard this year, and if ‘After the Crown’ doesn’t have you instantly hooked, then you mustn’t be paying enough attention.

Second cut ‘Choices’ burns a far more melodic and melancholy trail, casting a heavy rock glow over it’s more industrial predecessor. Third track ‘Sandman’ continues to prove the band’s songwriting abilities, creating another melodic slice of contemporary rock, before sauntering into the more blues-inspired anthemics of ‘Would It Work?’. It’s a seamless transition, as is the move between every track, ensuring that ‘The Bright Side of Black’ arrives as a complete aural assault, rather than a disjointed collection of rock skirmishes.

Finishing with an accomplished three-track flourish, ‘Contrapasso’, ‘Chase the Rain’, and ‘Drowning in the Rain’ paint an evolving, visceral picture that makes the album a joy to hear. Closing on ‘Paint It Black’, a cover of The Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Paint It Blake’, the album comes to a close with a wonderfully nostalgic edge, bringing a sense of wonder to a fantastically orchestrated release.

A powerful release that introduces the band in fine form, ‘The Bright Side of Black’ is a brilliant, almost overwhelming slice of contemporary hard rock. Relentless, melodic, and fantastically textured, the album is an absolute epic that is just waiting to be uncovered by the world

You can find ‘The Bright Side of Black’ on iTunes and Apple Music now.

Score: 8.5/10

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