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Review: Deltiimo & The Grandkids – ‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Deltiimo & The Grandkids – ‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’

After conquering the dance world with their unique brand of vibrant dance-pop, the collaborative powerhouse of Gary Louca and Bradon Grobler are back with a new cut that’s just downright adorable. For the last year or so, Deltiimo have been near-constant fixtures on our pages, spreading their dazzling dance-pop creations with our audiences and pushing for a far brighter sound. Constantly creating and re-evaluating their sound, you never quite know what you’ll get when Deltiimo announce and new single, but you can bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Somewhere between a brilliant pop anthem and an unashamed children’s song, Deltiimo’s latest single sees the two creative spirits joining forces with two of Gary Louca’s granddaughters to create ‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’.

With lyrics written by Louca and his granddaughters, Ellie and Lana, and the music produced by Grobler, the new single is a wonderfully collaborative and family-orientated creation. Boasting vibrant cascades of digital pop splendour alongside a series of half spoken, half sung lyrics about the wonder of bees. Upbeat, light, and full of childlike enthusiasm, ‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’ has all the trademarks of modern children’s classic, including sweet, glossy production, musical backing that is purpose built to bring you all those positive, glowing feelings, and a stream of lyrics that don’t really make sense but do wonders to get stuck in your head.

It’s the interplay between the music and the vocals that make the single so irresistible, bringing together Grobler’s sugary sweet tones with the genuine joy and excitement of the young vocalist to make absolutely shine. Looking to capitalise on the surprise success of internet hit and viral sensation ‘Baby Shark’, ‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’ is a deft cut from the very same cloth, all it needs is a dance to go with it.

‘Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere’ is available now on all streaming platforms, distributed by CD Baby.

Score: 8/10

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