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Review: Depression, Baby – ‘Something In The Way’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Depression, Baby – ‘Something In The Way’

An exciting new five-piece from North London, Depression, Baby have announced themselves in style with a series of triumphant pop singles. Tying together a joyous throwback pop sound with a vintage guitar-driven reminiscent of the early 2000s. Confident in their sound and skill base, the band have long since done away with cautious sounds or subdued moments, instead opting to proudly push their polished, cinematic style into the spotlight with a rampant ferocity.

Their latest single to date, ‘Something In The Way’ hits with a sense of melodic immediacy, rising from a series of soft musical tones to form a harmonious sweep of gentle guitar, cascading keys, and emotive, crooning vocals. It’s a textured, layered sound that rolls with a soft melancholic vibe and suave, velvet rock. It’s a lavish sweeping sound that is instantly enchanting, eclipsing all else with decadent indie-pop sounds and an effortless cool.

A brilliantly composed track with a distinct throwback feels, ‘Something In The Way’ brings instant comparison to The Vaccine’s ‘Melody Calling’ or Father John Misty’s indie-folk sound. It’s a joy to hear and an easy track to get behind, bringing a refreshing and more thoughtful sound to your speakers than most of the mainstream pop that is stacked in the charts.

The latest of three distinct and wonderfully illustrative examples of Depression, Baby’s sound, ‘Something In The Way’ is the kind of track that can make a band, laying down the foundation for much, much more to come.

You can stream ‘Something In The Way’ on Soundcloud and Spotify, along with Depression, Baby’s previous stunning singles, ‘No Strangers’ and ‘Daydreamin’, and be sure to follow the band on their social media sites for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 8/10

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