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Review: Diamond Jones – ‘Ashes and Diamonds’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Diamond Jones – ‘Ashes and Diamonds’

A rock ‘n’ roll talent from the legendary London scene, Diamond Jones has built his name on an unwavering devotion to blues, garage, and psychedelic rock, blending the dark genres with occult lyrics and an unwavering, raw energy. Since taking to music in 2014, Jones has become an unstoppable force dedicated to pushing his sound and building his own legacy, and with the recent release of ‘Ashes and Diamonds’, he’s one step closer to immortality through music.

A deft combination of single and short film, ‘Ashes and Diamonds’ comes as a return to form for the duo, combining their driver rock sound with a pensive rumination on eternity and making the most of our short time on Earth. Best viewed as an anthem for individuality and what that experience is like in a world of conformity, ‘Ashes and Diamonds’ has a depth that does well beyond its heavy rock exterior.

A unified vision, both the film and single are masterminded by Jones himself, with every instrument played, recorded and produced by the star, as well as the film being entirely written, directed, and starred in by the man himself. A powerhouse release in every way, ‘Ashes and Diamonds’ is an impressive blend of film and sound, creating a maelstrom of undeniable rock elements that flow freely and refuse to quit. Cinematically, there is a rough, but effective style to the piece that emphasises the energy of the track, pushing a narrative deep into the heart of the explosive rock epic.

At just under seventeen minutes long, there is plenty of substance in ‘Ashes and Diamonds’, a rare thing in this modern throw-away world. A cut above the waves of contemporary rock hopefuls, the new piece is proof that Diamond Jones is a true visionary.

Score: 8.5/10

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