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Review: DRussellAmerica – ‘Reminiscing’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: DRussellAmerica – ‘Reminiscing’

An American rapper from Dallas, TX, DRussellAmerica has described himself as the drunken love child of “gold chains, rap, rock and roll, drugs, guns, [and] money”, a list of clichés that perfectly sums up the rap world. Surprisingly, DRussellAmerica broke the mould with his last album ‘F*ck Tomorrow’, releasing it in late 2018 to critical acclaim. The lead single from the project, ‘Reminiscing’ was recently released with its very own music video, bringing it once again onto our radar.

In the new video, DRussellAmerica has embraced his upbringing and reflected on the history that made him. The visuals for ‘Reminiscing; serve as a small but damning summary of America’s childhood and the loss of the rapper’s innocence at an early age. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a track that garnered acclaim for its visceral, authentic touches.

The song itself is quite possibly one of the most invigorating rap anthems we’ve heard this year. Doing away with superfluous thrills and dizzying over-production DRussellAmerica created a track that hits hard and flows on relentlessly. A maelstrom of clichés and limited lyrics, ‘Reminiscing’ is a track that simply has to be taken on face value to be properly enjoyed. With enough bite and intrigue to make you want to hear the full album, ‘Reminiscing’ is a flashfire anthem that’s sure to impress.

Score: 7/10

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