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Review: Eddie Arjun – ‘Transition’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Eddie Arjun – ‘Transition’

A critically acclaimed rock trio whose guitar-driven instrumentals have garnered praise on both local and international circuits, Eddie Arjun already have a string of successful albums to their name. After setting the standard with their deft trilogy of releases, 2013’s ‘Space’, 2014’s ‘Core’, and 2016’s ‘Gravity’, the band are now back in the spotlight with their most ambitious release to date, the multi-faceted ‘Transition’.

An album that brings together eight of the band’s most innovative tracks, ‘Transition’ is its very own hybrid of rock, groove, and improvisational jazz. It’s a unique sound that Eddie Arjun have been cultivating since their inception, refining their craft by fusing the raw, electric power of rock and blues with the finesse of improvisational jazz, resulting in a delicate balance of intricately crafted melodies backed by powerhouse musicianship.

On ‘Transition’, the band have taken their sound one step further. It’s an album of musical evolution that centres upon the masterful guitar work and emotive compositions of Eddie Arjun Peters. Bold, well-orchestrated, and wonderfully resonant, ‘Transition’ uses each song to build a vibrant musical soundscape, one that each track adds to details perfectly.

Opening with the untamed groove of ‘There It Is’, the album is instantaneous in its appeal. The fusion of contemporary jazz with rolling waves of rock ‘n’ roll make for a unique, naturally evolving sound, one that builds more and more as the album carries on. The title track is easily one of the more sonically advanced on the album, bringing in soaring guitar notes and rapid-fire percussion that linger perfectly, building a distinct and insurmountable atmosphere. Elsewhere, ‘Lavalust’ breaks onto the scene with heavy, rumbling bass tones that give way to eclectic guitar licks and more of Eddie Arjun’s signature improvisational sound, while closing number ‘Gone’ takes a step back, slowing the tempo and bringing a surge of raw emotion into the final hour of ‘Transition’ and really showing the scale of the band’s compositions.

Expansive, powerful, and wonderfully progressive, ‘Transition’ is perhaps the band’s most accomplished release to date, taking heed from previous success and adding another impressive release to an already brilliant legacy.

‘Transition’ is available for pre-order now on vinyl, CD, and as a digital download from Eddie Arjun’s Bandcamp page.

Score: 9/10

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