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Review: endresult – ‘nowadays’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: endresult – ‘nowadays’

An eighteen-year-old musician from Libertyville, Illinois. endresult found their passion for music in high school, stepping out in their freshman year with a growing fondness for the much-loved medium. Throughout high school, endresult participated in orchestra as a double bassist, practising and refining his talents with every lesson and performance. It was the beginning of a new obsession, and endresult soon found new inspiration and purpose in the timeless world of jazz.

Although jazz has become endresult’s most prominent genre, his contemporary style incorporates distinct electronic flourishes, combining his experience, study and creative talents into a whirlwind of timeless, yet modern sounds. His latest four-track EP ‘nowadays’ opens with a hybrid sound that lies somewhere between smooth jazz and melodic easy listening. Infused with a blossoming electronic influence, the opening cut of ‘Slow’ pushes through some murky production quality to showcase an evolved sound and some stunning guest vocals from Bailey Latka. It’s a surprising, but charming introduction to endresult’s sound, one that he sadly suffers to capitalise on.

Following numbers ‘lost again’ and ‘nowadays’ fight through some questionable vocals and an imbalanced composition to offer calculated beats, cascading digital tones and some distinct RnB vibes, creating a rough series of tracks that shine with a faint but lingering light. Bringing the EP to a close is ‘the golden ages’, endresult’s take on a classic 2-5-1 jazz track that was recorded live with the efforts of David Lee on clarinet and Dylan Trott on keys. It’s a surprising and disjointed end to the EP, quickly departing the core sound of the release for a more nostalgic and focused jazz sound.

In his own words, endresult has said that he plans to continue making music for the rest of his life, using it as a medium through which he can bring himself closer to the people he loves, and you have to respect that about him. While not perfectly polished or produced, ‘nowadays’ has a unique personal touch that elevates it from a rough DIY release to the start of something more.

Score: 6.5/10

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