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Review: Enzo – ‘Light Me Up’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Enzo – ‘Light Me Up’

A self-taught musician from the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, Enzo has found his way onto most music radars for his work as a producer and DJ. An artist with an ever-evolving musical style, he’s become one of the most exciting new DJ’s to watch, and now with the release of new single ‘Light Me Up’, he’s looking to elevate his career to something bigger.

Bringing with it a tactile and brilliantly composed sense of ambience, ‘Light Me Up’ is a deft fusion of dance vibes and warm EDM synths, bringing with it a string of passionate lyrics and heartfelt vocals that collide to form a standout single. An all rounded anthem, the new single is built across a wonderfully personal storyline that is then built up to be a hugely universal sound. By focusing on universal emotions and the depths of human relationships, and then adding a spike of vibrant energy that we can all enjoy, Enzo has managed to make ‘Light Me Up’ a real mainstream song.

In essence, ‘Light Me Up’ hits as a timeless, but wonderfully modern single, one that you can see lasting for years to come and keeping its untarnished appeal. Contrary to the more aggressive or unrelenting EDM tracks that often populate the charts, Enzo’s single has an inherent delicacy to it, with the composition portraying a sense of care and purposefulness that is becoming all too rare.

A song that will definitely set Enzo apart from the crowd, ‘Light Me Up’ is a song that proves just how much he has to offer. Stream it above now on Spotify, or grab your own copy on iTunes.

Score: 8/10

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