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Review: Enzo – ‘Right Here (ft. Loé)’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Enzo – ‘Right Here (ft. Loé)’

An up-and-coming electronic music producer and DJ from Massachusetts’ independent scene, Jonathan Giurleo, better known by his musical moniker of Enzo has been making waves with a string of vibrant new releases. Following on from his long list of hits, including recent stunner ‘Someone Like You’, Enzo is back with his new cut, ‘Right Here’, set for release on the 16th of August this year, and once again featuring the vocal talents of Loé.

A composed, three minute EDM anthem, Enzo’s new single flows with a timeless, almost ethereal energy, plucking soft beats and rolling celestial melodies from the ether and placing them thoughtfully into place. A far cry from your typical EDM track that relies on immediate energy, unrelenting beats, and heavy drops to bring its thrills, Enzo has cultivated a far more nuanced and emotive sound, bringing delicacy and style back to the genre.

Don’t be fooled though, there is still an intoxicating EDM energy, but it builds slowly, relying on an evolving series of beats and electronic tones to hook you before launching into the driven refrain. The vocals sweep in and out of the track, bringing their own layered harmonies, adding more depth to the track than you would typically expect from an EDM anthem.

It’s hard to fully explain the entrancing mix of clean, crisp sounds and free-flowing energy that Enzo has been able to compose. It’s fresh, light, and brimming with fresh creative potential, ensuring that every time you listen to ‘Right Here’, you’ll be surprised and completely involved. Absolutely worth a listen for fans of EDM and pop alike, ‘Right Here’ could just be Enzo’s defining moment.

A track that is set to take the US by storm the moment its release, make sure you follow Enzo on his Spotify and Soundcloud pages so you can catch the new cut the moment it drops.

Score: 8/10

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