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Review: Esglo – ‘Floor Essence’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: Esglo – ‘Floor Essence’

A New York City native, Esglo is a proud, first-generation Latino artist with a bold and wonderfully unique style. A product of the ever-evolving EDM scene, Esglo has spent his life surrounded by artists and musicians who constantly inspired him, pushing the young talent to always refine and reshape his sound. As the years passed and Esglo’s career began to blossom, he found himself not just adapting to the changing EDM scene, but leading it, pushing for bolder, more vibrant sounds and a new sense of adventure.

With the release of ‘Floor Essence’ his second commercially available release, Esglo has pushed the boundaries of his chosen genre once again, bringing a cascade of uplifting beats, edgy synths, and sharp melodic vocals. Opening with lead cut ‘Into You’, the album sets an immediate tone, offering swirling, aggressive synth textures that crash against a steady, electronic sound. Shimmering with an ethereal glow, the album launches into a powerful showcase of immersive rave sounds and thunderous dance energy.

Highlights abound with tracks like ‘Give Me One Night’ arriving on a wave of warm, calculated rhythms and gentle, expansive melodies, creating an ecstatic, wonderfully melodic sound, while ‘Web of Lies’ stays in the mind thanks to a direct sense of urgency. Perhaps the most accomplished song on the album, ‘Set Me Free’ abounds with a more experimental sound, bringing a deft industrial pattern of beats and rhythms to the fore, creating an unmistakable atmosphere that unfolds with the calling, sonic vocals.

An album with a constant, vibrant aesthetic, ‘Floor Essence’ is a triumph of expansive songwriting and timeless EDM energy, cutting an impressive and lingering introduction to Esglo as an artist. You can stream ‘Floor Essence’ now on Apple Music.

Score: 8/10

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