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Review: False Advertising – ‘Brain Freeze’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: False Advertising – ‘Brain Freeze’

Master of fuzzy, DIY grunge, False Advertising have been a band on the rise for years, and at it’s been an absolute joy to watch them rise from the underground and onto the main stage. Pushing their own blend of visceral noise-pop, the trio of Jen Hingley, Chris Warr, and Josh Sellers have become one of our favourite bands, with every release become a cause for celebration, and now, with the release of new album ‘Brain Freeze’, it’s time to crack open a cold one and cheer louder than ever.

A visceral maelstrom of big riffs, anthemic choruses, and indelible, dynamic hooks, ‘Brain Freeze’ arrives with a deft mix of immediacy and power. Brandishing that classic loud-quiet dynamic that has become the backbone of all major rock anthems, the album strings together eleven of the most impressive, frantic, and devastating cuts that you’ll hear this year, creating an absolutely smashing illustration of the band’s scuzzy DIY sound.

While the sound may flow as an unrelenting torrent of catchy guitar hooks and dirty basslines, it’s Jen’s vocals and poignant lyrics that help to tie everything together, offering a human touch within the passionate rock blitzkrieg. Album opener ‘Influenza’ tackles family bereavement, while ‘So Long’ sees Jen dealing with the loss of her Mother, throwing pain and emotion into the mix with precision and seamless wonder. Elsewhere, ‘We’ve Heard This All Before’ and ‘At the Top’ bellow with politically charged outrage and distrust of the media’s tricks, while ‘Personal Gain’ forces the listener to confront the growing trends of greed and elitism in the world.

It’s not uncommon for a band to be able to write a killer album filled with hot moments and unforgettable riffs, but to balance it with meaningful lyrics and themes that are sure to endure is something else entirely. A rare and unyielding release, ‘Brain Freeze’ is exactly that kind of record that we’ve come to expect from False Advertising, and they certainly haven’t disappointed.

Score: 9/10

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